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Car Availability

We allow two weeks minimum so that we can be sure that your new car has been prepared to the highest standard. Once it has arrived at your handover dealer it will go through a number of checks before being cleaned and prepared for delivery.
Not all Holden models are available on Holden Click-2-Drive. That means you might not be able to find the whole range to buy online, but we are looking to extend the choice in the future. If you would like to buy a Holden that is not available on Holden Click-2-Drive, your local Holden dealer will be happy to help you.

Holden cars are only available from Holden Click-2-Drive for delivery within designated operating cities and delivery zones. At present Holden Click-2-Drive is operating only in Melbourne with coverage for the Melbourne metropolitan area. You can confirm if your postcode falls within our designated delivery area here. We are looking to expand our operating cities and delivery zones in the future.

Promotional Vouchers

If you have an eligible promotional voucher that provides for an additional discount on your new Holden, you can present this voucher to us immediately after you receive your order confirmation by using the email contact address in the Contact Us section. Attach a copy of your promotional voucher to your email with a request to check its validity and apply the discount to your order.


It's best to describe your trade-in car to us as accurately as possible as our handover dealer will check it over when you get your new Holden. If they do spot any differences between the way you have described it and its actual condition then this may affect the valuation we have given you online.
We need your most up to date odometer reading for your current car so we can make sure we've valued it properly.
Don't worry, just tell us the most recent loan statement figure in the checkout process (thus erring on the side of a higher rather than lower figure) you'll get a chance to provide us with the exact one in due course. A delay in obtaining the exact figure may effect your promised delivery date or your ability to obtain finance quickly.
This is the finance amount that you have outstanding on your current vehicle. You can get your settlement figure by contacting your finance provider who will provide you with a current statement or a letter confirming your loan payout figure outstanding on the date of your scheduled delivery. If you buy a Holden Click-2-Drive car then we'll need this statement promptly, so we can progress your new car order with Holden.
We do our best to value every Trade-In in partnership with our valuation experts. Unfortunately sometimes this isn't possible because, for instance, your car may be an import or have too many kilometres on the clock. Your local Holden dealer may be able to help you with valuing your Trade-In, or if you can sell it privately then the proceeds can go towards your new Holden Click-2-Drive Holden.
When you enter your registration number into Holden Click-2-Drive we ask a government database to identify your car from it. Check you have entered the registration number correctly and if that doesn't work we are unable to value your car accurately.

Applying for Finance

Yes. When placing an order online the maximum cash deposit is $2,500 initially to secure your order via credit card. However, once your order is verified and finance is conditionally approved you can elect to make a further deposit via direct bank transfer as part of your final finance settlement option.

Holden Financial Services* will contact you shortly after you complete your order online to discuss what happens next and what you need to do if you want to apply for finance through them, including what documents you will need to give them as part of that process.

While Holden Financial Services will tell you what they need for their application, we do recommend you have the following handy at a minimum:

-       Copy of Drivers license
-       Payslips or proof of income
-       Confirmation of employment

* Finance is offered by Holden Financial Services and is available to approved personal consumer applicants only, excludes ABN holders, govt., fleet and rental buyers. Credit criteria, fees and charges apply. Maximum finance term of 60 months. Holden Financial Services is a registered trademark of General Motors LLC and is used under sub-licence by St.George Bank – A Division of Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL and Australian credit licence 233714.
Yes. We look after your data and don't pass it on to anyone else without your permission. We work with third parties who are specialists in data security so it's safe to put your credit card details into the Holden Click-2-Drive system when paying your deposit.
If you aren’t able to arrange finance for your new Holden, you will need to get in touch with us about next steps and what this means for your order.

Financiers like Holden Financial Services have different requirements to Holden. The Holden Financial Services team will get in touch with you to talk you through the process.

My Order

Yes. When placing an order online the maximum cash deposit is $2,500 initially to secure your order via credit card. However, once your order is verified and finance is conditionally approved you can elect to make a further deposit via direct bank transfer as part of your final finance settlement option.
You can settle the balance owing of your order via bank transfer. For cash settlement we must receive your payment no later than seven days before your scheduled delivery date.
Changed your mind? If you would like to cancel your order, or even order a different car then just contact the Holden Click-2-Drive team via the online contact form within 3 working days (cooling-off period) of placing your order and they will be happy to help. If you have already paid your deposit, don't worry, you can still cancel and we'll refund it. If you change your mind for any reason outside the cooling-off period we will use our best endeavours to help ensure that we can refund your deposit subject to any costs that have been already incurred in securing your vehicle and preparing your vehicle for delivery. When you apply for Finance via Holden Financial Services or select Finance Pending when you choose Cash Settlement, your cooling-off period is extended to 7 working days.
We ask you to pay a holding deposit of $750 to secure your new car order this is so we can reserve your car and begin processing the order.

Delivery & Handover

You will have purchased your new Holden from via our handover dealer, so they are your first point of contact if you have any questions as they extensively equipped to assess any issues with your vehicle. Alternatively, you can contact Holden directly on 1800 46 465 336 or at However, if you prefer you can contact the Click-2-Drive team using the online contact form.
Firstly, please let us know straight away and inform the representative who is delivering the car to you. We will do our best to rectify any issues and will agree a solution to the problem which may include cancelling the order. You can read our Terms & Conditions in respect of cancellations.
We value your car based on what you have told us, and the estimated delivery date of your car. If either of these assumptions changes, then we reserve the right to alter the valuation of your car. We will inform you as soon as we know of any change, including the first time we see your car when we swap it for your new car. We will use the same criteria to value your car as you have, but if there is any difference we will require this to be paid at the time of the swap by credit card.
If you have chosen to trade-in your old car, then we will require proof that the car belongs to you. If there is any outstanding finance associated to the car, then this will need to be paid for you to have sole ownership. We will repay the finance on your behalf by deducting the amount from the value of your car. You will also need to supply all relevant documentation and items belonging to the car (for example registration certificate, keys, service history, tools, spare wheel if fitted, etc.). We will require copies of any information we request in advance before we organise and agree the delivery date for your car. We will then need to see the original copies of this information when we deliver the car to you.
You will need to provide your original documents, 100 points of ID and sign an acceptance of delivery. If you are swapping your old car we will also inspect that and collect all relevant documents relating to it.
We will deliver to your home address at no additional cost. You will have a full car demonstration upon delivery by a representative from your local Holden dealer. You will need to provide your original documents, 100 points of ID and sign an acceptance of delivery. If you are swapping your old car we will also inspect that and collect all relevant documents relating to it. To protect against identity fraud we are unable to deliver it to anywhere other than the registered home address on your drivers license and the billing address on the credit card used to make your deposit.
Yes, you will get a full demonstration of the car and how it operates. If you have any particular questions though, please do not be scared to ask our representatives are there to ensure that you are completely happy before you accept delivery of your car.
When you order a vehicle from us we give you our best estimated delivery date. This date depends on a number of factors, including whether finance is pending, you providing us with all the satisfactory documents when requested. Sometimes, the delivery date may be delayed due to circumstances out of our control. Whether the delivery is delayed or not, we will keep you informed.

My Account

We want to make sure that your details are safe so your passwords must contain a minimum of 8 characters and be a combination of letters, at least 1 number and at least 1 symbol. Don't worry if you forget your password, you can always re-set it when you log in.
No problem, you can request to change your password when you log in.

Card Charges

Currently we will not charge you for using a debit or credit card when buying vehicles through the Holden website.

Contact Us

If you need any help or assistance with the Holden Click-2-Drive process, you can contact our team. Go to the Contact Us page.